The Empty Boat

It is said that, to receive new ideas one has to have......

It is said that, to receive new ideas one has to have an ‘open and an empty mind’, only then something beautiful may be acquired. Same was applicable to the sample flat bought by my friend. This sample flat had all the possible furniture and décor’, even the false ceiling. My client’s needs were exactly opposite. He was looking for volumes of space, clutter free rooms and expected minimalist look. Thus, began the journey…The living room was quite huge (33’x27’) for a nuclear family comprising of the couple, their nursery going kid and my friend’s parents occasionally staying with them. Couple is a music lover and wanted to divide living room into a living room and a home theatre. Looking at the size of the room I convinced them to transform it into living room cum home theatre. Formal sitting was made near foyer and informal at the opposite end leaving lot of open space at the centre. The challenge now was to make the space acoustically sound without compromising on the aesthetics. We did not want to make false ceiling just for the sake of acoustics. So we opted for rough plaster ceiling (Bajri) which serves both the purposes; acoustics for home theatre and aesthetically pleasing look for living area. Then second important thing to work upon was the back wall of the lower seating. We did it with a foam padding covered it with jute. Even the sofa, double curtains and carpet works well to reduce echo of sound and it complimented the overall scheme. Ductable air-conditioning was selected for better look and to make room quieter. And for the rest of the empty space, we worked on the form of a boat. One antique copper boat was suspended for the lower seating area giving subtle indirect lights to the entire area without disturbing textured ceiling. Same form was continued for the seating. Two jute boats were created as a wall light just at the back of the seating, completing the look. As the flat is on the first floor of the apartment, top of the porch has been given as a personal terrace. Matching up with the natural surroundings, terrace is done up with lawn & plantation.

Earlier form was repeated in the dining area for the basin and mirror, giving to the sense of harmony. Dining table is made up of red glass mosaic, and the same red continued for kitchen. colour palette for kitchen, dining was also had beige along with red.

Suspended lights all over the apartment complement the form and give subtle look.

Pooja room is done up in copper metallic glass mosaic with makrana white marble.

Emptiness and free flowing, clutter free ambience is maintained in bedrooms also. Master bed room is raw and rustic with grey and obrgin. Toilet and walk- in wardrobe area has been altered and given preference in size. Besides the bed, bedroom has storage cum folding study.

Parent’s required lot of storage besides the walk- in wardrobe. Keeping ‘emptiness’ in focus we’ve divided it and placed it at both the sides of bed, it serves the purpose without disturbing the ‘clutter free volumes’…& ‘emptiness’… Lights are given thru onyx canopy. pillars of the bed are back lited in onyx. Ceiling and the two wall fixtures are in crystal adding majestic effect to the elderly couple’s room.

Kid’s room exuberates with colours, and curve allowing him to move around freely.

Client did not want to ‘show off’ his place. He wanted it ‘majjhim nikaya’ a middle path . . . a balance. Need fulfillment, comfort & nothing else. And our humble effort was to give him what is right for him.

Chaung tsu’s empty boat.