Om Mani Padme Hum

(The lotus and jewel together)...

The very idea was to create a space with lotus and diamond together. Characters of simplicity, oneness and divinity like lotus and solidity and brightness of sparkling diamonds.

“I don’t want to fill it with display all around” was the first and only brief given by the client to design her all exclusive designer diamond jewellery boutique. The owner and her clients both were selective ,as it was a place to enter only through appointments.

The client herself is a brand and wanted to reflect that “CLASS” in her boutique. Her requirement for the place was a big display counter, tables for her self and assistants, table for accountant, washroom, pantry and a vault. Area being too small for her requirements, we had to fit in all of the above without cluttering the provided space. As the saying says, “Carbon when compressed for ages becomes a diamond then.” This applies to the designing and thinking process for showroom, I had to compress the requirement but at the same time also fulfill all of it without compromise on its aesthetics.

Veneer was used in the back panels with texture to give it an up market high end look. The flooring was left classic, giving it a royal castle feel with brown Kota in tumbled edge laid in Roman – opus pattern. Its wide groove on the floor enlivened the floor.

To blend the overall theme, a motif was to be selected and with lots of debate ‘Damask’ was chosen to showcase the product as well as establishing classic international style. The shape was used on walls to display individual jewellery pieces. It was also used on ceilings and on antique brass stencil, which was then fused with the table base. A huge ‘Damask’ chandelier in a centre of the show room glittered the tiny beauties enhancing themselves. To give the room an illusion of space, mirror panels were skillfully used on side walls. The lighting for the jewellery boutique was the most important aspect in designing, the over all lighting for the showroom was high power LED light. And for the display top and main working top metal halides pendants were used. The overall LED usage gave us better lumens at almost the same cost and huge savings on light bill, firstly by lower power consumption and secondly by releasing no heat compared to the CDMT or halogen fittings thus huge savings in Air conditioning.

The exterior of the boutique had the same internal flavor as smoked veneer was blended with brown Kota strips, ‘Damask’ was carved in wood and backlit. The sign board design was apt for the diamond boutique, as it was paneled in dark PVC leather and S.S fonts with side perforations. When lit from inside, every font would release sparkling lights through the perforations on the leather back drop as if diamonds are sparkling your way.

All and all the texture and toner effect of smoked veneer, blended with brown Kota, an antique brass created warm and rich ambience for the boutique and the feeling was really like a ‘Lotus and jewel’ together.


Project: Awesome Sparklers – Jewellery Boutique

Location: Ghod dod Road, Surat.

Client Name: Priti Bhatia

Project area: 400 sft

Initiation of Project: February 2011