P. E. P. L

The project is an administration building for......

Admin building for water treatment plant

It’s ‘Green’…

The project is an administration building for the water treatment plant. It is to give back pure water again to the nature. So our focus is to reflect nature with functional balance. We have selected a motif of ‘leaf’ and used it with different style and material. We have used it for the side profile of a reception table, and then on ceiling as a light fixture in leaf shape. Central part has been kept open for the purpose of natural light ventilation and to drop creepers from above. Natural bamboo as a skin has been used in reception table.

Vastu simplified…

Following vastu without compromising on orientation and placement of requirement is a challenge. It is managed with an ease by keeping chairman’s cabin in south-west to prayer room in north-east to pantry in south-east and keeping central part open.

Ceiling- lighting concept

It is an advantage for the firm doing architecture along with interiors. So, for the lounge, reception and staff area (and partially all three cabins) ceilings are kept as it is, with beams exposed. Ceiling was treated with rough plaster (popcorn plaster in popular terms) and painted dark for cozy textured feel, and to break the monotony, motif of ‘leaf’ has been put in random with smooth surface and off white paint.

For the lighting, totally unconventional approach has been adopted. Used anodized aluminum pipes to carry wires and windows has been cut in size of tube light ballast got concealed in the same pipes, it gives distinct character to the textured ceiling and simple yet functional lights to the working area.

Work station-dual functionality

The design of a work station is unique in a sense that it gives all the basic to the user while the space below the top has been used for the filling for the person seating ahead, it work dual as a table top and C.P.U space for the main user and filling storage for the person ahead of him.


it is also designed keeping in the mind, dual character, for routine director’s meeting it functions as it is, but for the AGM, once in a year. The table can be dismantled into pieces and can be used as a six seaters.