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Client deals with industrial civil projects......

Reflection of client’s profession

Client deals with industrial civil projects, contracting; so ambience was created like construction site with the use of exposed bricks partition, exposed concrete panels, rough plastered ceiling and metal industrial lights…table made cantilevered with the help of cables and pergola above reception waiting…

Maximum use of space

The client needed two cabins for the Director’s near windows. Meeting this demand based on Vastu called for creativity. We worked on the width problem by demolishing one of the toilet wall and created arch in the cement sheet partition to give little space to the cabins, table was kept cantilevered to give a feel of extra space, and used glass wherever possible to give an open look. Workstation and Manager’s cabin has also been designed keeping Vaastu guidance in mind and space (every inch) as an asset. Reception table in bent glass and its side table continued to be a waiting sofa is another effort to use the space to its maximum.

Use of the material

Materials which have been used are to justify the overall theme of the project, cement sheet from different batches has been chosen to give a natural look and variation of exposed concrete. Exposed brick is a basic raw material of any construction site. Rough plastered ceiling also resembles site under construction. Use of grit under meeting room table is the material most appropriate for the site under construction. Solid wooden flooring gives silent back drop to the overall ambience and strong character to the office look.

Table on cable

It is in response to the client’s profession. Space constraints & to give client’s cabin that ‘X’ factor…
Cantilevered table gives more leg space to both sides. Table showcases client’s strength in industrial jobs… they do. It reflects their ability to do ‘odd’ jobs with ease…

Functional –balanced-harmonious

Though the space is compact it fulfilled all the needs of an office from the boss to a, peon, from filing to accommodating invertors, and it is balanced in the use of material. Even little over-do of material or form will totally disturb the harmony of the space.

Project detail

  • Size in sq.ft- 588.54sq.ft
  • Location –surat
  • Cost –rs/sq.ft-1700rs
  • Cost-in rs-1000518rs