Yes to The River

A flow of a river, its curves and dancing melody......

A flow of a river, its curves and dancing melody, it’s very majestic presence transcends from present to the future exhibiting continuity from times immemorial. The architecture of the apartment beautifully highlights the inner beauty of the river with a modern finesse. Interiors were my call, entailing me to blend with the client’s expectations at the micro level of his apartment.

My client (who is more of a dear friend after long association) is very clear in his brief:
1) He wants automation at its best, allowing him the freedom to have everything at his fingertips…Thus, we’ve opted for the best of the touch screen automation system that controls Lights, Shades, Air conditioner’s , Audio-visuals etc.
2) Clutter free, minimalist and free flowing interiors, with an eye on luxury and functions without overdoing things.

‘The cool’ ambiance of the living area is achieved with the help of Australian white floor and wall with ceiling in white, and solid contrast was created with dark tan leather sofa and charcoal cork paper on TV side wall. Shape and suspension of lighting fixtures in living area gives a ‘total techno’ look. Dinning from Kwali (Italian designer) is a perfect fit in a décor. Blue aget semi precious stone in niches of TV wall and mother of pearl in centre/corner table is to make the room rich in taste without compromising on the theme.

The master bed room is in rustic grey with black leather panels’; playing with pure geometry. The scheme is further highlighted a little with rough plastered ceiling. Hot pink in soft curtain was introduced as to create some warmth and romance in the room.

The energy of teen’s room is seen obvious on wall to wall print of cowboy horse rider, matched with the khakhi rustic floor and it is well balanced with the denim cut-pieces on ceiling and striped laminate. Bed is floating through; set on a blue wooden floor, boat shaped easy chair seems perfect when seeing river from the back window. Guitar on wall and bike hanging from the ceiling underlines the boy’s interest in music and sports… The toilet/rest room heightens the theme with stitched leather look tile and water sports print on the back of the dressing.

The theme of a kid’s room was a jungle, wall to wall jungle was created with their names on arrow showing their house. Opposite of the bed is a wardrobe with a study deliberately done in simple silver/black, to balance the thick jungle look. A starry sky and smiling sun/moon ceiling give a sense of completion to the jungle theme.

The room for guest followed the popular taste, rough rose wood, rose chairs and rosy looks… creating comfort, warmth and the feeling of being wanted and cared.

Store room space was included in the kitchen to make it spacious without compromising on storage. Made most functional and user friendly, equipped with all necessary modern gadgets, kitchen is a modern housewife’s dream come true!

For me, the opportunity to create such a space was to see my “Thoughts becoming things!” Whatever we’ve conceived virtually, we’ve tried and translated it into a physical reality… And for my dear client, “it is a ‘journey’; a journey to see his dreams getting converted to actuality.”